Family Service

Purpose of the Family Service Agreement

The Family Service Agreement provides the school with a source of steady volunteer hours and/or additional income to reduce costs.

The BCA sports parents/guardians are required to:

  • Donate 20 service hours or
  • Pay a $300 family service fee or
  • A combination of both

The BCA non-sports parents/guardians are required to:

  • Donate 10 service hours or
  • Pay a $300 family service fee or
  • A combination of both

Family Service Hours (volunteer service) are vital to Bridgeport Catholic Academy. Service Hours help to develop camaraderie between parents, faculty, staff, and the greater school family, help to contain costs, and enhance programs. Most important is the fact that children of parents who are involved in their school are far more likely to succeed in the classroom and in life. 

Fulfilling Program Requirements

  • Each family is required to serve ten (10) or twenty (20) hours per year. It is recommended that parents endeavor to spread service hours throughout the year.
  • For purposes of this program, the school places a value of $30.00 per hour served, on time that is donated.
  • In recognition that some families may not be able to donate their time, families may choose to pay a Family Service Fee of $30.00 per un-served hour.  Parents may choose the best option according to their circumstances when fulfilling the Family Service Agreement. Each hour not served will be bill in May of each year at the rate of $30.00 per hour with a payment due date of May 1st. This fee will need to be paid before the student’s final grades will be released
  • Parents are responsible to complete the volunteer service forms in the school office no later than one week after completing each qualifying service.       Hours are tracked on Family Service Time Sheets in the BCA School Office.
  • If a family fails to complete the required service hours, and fails to pay the fee associated with not completing the hours, final grades will not be released.
  • If a family commits to a certain service hour opportunity and fails to be present to complete that commitment without sufficient notice to appropriate board member, not only will that family not receive credit for the service hours but will also have appropriate hours added to their total requirement. This is due to the fact that a substitute will be needed to fulfill the service hour opportunity.

Additional options for Fulfilling Service Hours

  • Family Service Hours may be completed by direct relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and upper class students. They must follow the documentation procedures so that proper credit is given to the family account. Friends may not donate hours. 

Family Service Hours Opportunities

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to take the initiative and seek opportunities to fulfill their Service Hours.
  • The school will endeavor to provide regular email and parent newsletter communication about service opportunities.

The following can be counted for service hours:

  • Any and all sports related events
  • Lunch Duty; Time frame is approximately 10:45 am to 12:30 pm
  • Recess supervision
  • Cone set up for Morning Drop-Off or Dismissal (7:15, 7:55, 2:10, 2:50)
  • Attendance at meetings and service work done for fundraisers such as the Walkathon, Candy Sales, and the Super Raffle. Fundraising obligations and donations for these events will not be counted.
  • Alumni Association Committee work
  • Home and School volunteer at events such as Labor Day picnic, Halloween, dinner with Santa, breakfast with Santa, breakfast with Easter Bunny
  • Volunteer in the classroom as requested by teachers
  • Philanthropic donations to the development fund for the school
  • Library reading level identification & organization
  • Santa’s Workshop Volunteer
  • Various Bake Sale Monitor/Volunteer
  • Market Day staffing
  • Scholastic Book Fair staffing
  • Chaperone a School Dance
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week preparation/staffing
  • Tour prospective families through school at Open House (January & February)
  • Alter Server (max 5 hours)
  • Help with Catholic Schools Week Activities
  • Help with 8th Grade Activities
  • Field trips
  • Other volunteer tasks not on the list need approval from Mrs. Koster prior to participation
  • Be sure to track your hours! Track It Forward

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