Bridgeport Catholic Academy


Bridgeport Catholic Academy offers several opportunities designed to teach the fundamentals of sports while fostering the development of commitment, cialis teamwork and sportsmanship in the student athlete. Children are expected to attend practices and games while meeting their classroom requirements. The Bridgeport Catholic Academy Sports Committee, coaches and others involved with the coordination of the sports program are parent volunteers.

All of this is done in an environment of Christian charity.  Winning is a part of our program but it is not the number one goal. Bridgeport Catholic Academy students can compete in the following sports:


Biddy Basketball (co-ed Grades 1 and 2)

Pee Wee Basketball (co-ed Grades 3 and 4)

Junior Varsity (separate teams for boys and girls Grades 5 and 6)

Varsity (boys Grades 7 and 8)


Instructional (Grades 1 – 2)

League (Grade 3-4)

Junior Varsity (Grade 5 – 6)

Varsity (Grade 7 – 8)


Girls (Kindergarten through Grade 8)

Sports Clinics

Clinics will be offered throughout the year to help the student athlete gain a better understanding of various sports.