Bridgeport Catholic Academy


We, at Bridgeport Catholic Academy, believe that the purpose of education is to create a Christian community living the values of the Gospel in which the children and teachers are stimulated to learn, think, share, and develop individual skills. Our goal is that we become useful, productive, and active members of an ever-changing society.

We believe that the role of the parent/guardian is to be the primary teacher of Christian values, working with the teacher actively supporting and encouraging their children in the learning process. At Bridgeport Catholic Academy, We believe the parents are an integral part of their child’s educational development.

We believe in fostering the teachings, values and traditions of the Catholic faith and in living that faith. We believe that opportunities for a variety of religious experiences are necessary to nurture one’s personal commitment to God, neighbor and self, and to develop responsibilities to the Church and community.

We believe that the role of the teacher is to encourage, guide and instruct the students in mastering the goals and objectives of the school curriculum using a variety of teaching strategies and resources.

We believe the students are responsible for making choices and being actively involved in the learning process to the best of their ability. We believe that each student of Bridgeport Catholic Academy is an individual whose style of learning correlates with his/her physical and intellectual levels of development. At Bridgeport Catholic Academy, students learn best by actively participating in activities through independent learning, collaborative partnerships, and cooperative learning.

We believe that Bridgeport Catholic Academy’s curriculum is a unified and flexible guide of concepts, skills, values and activities which assist the children to successfully reach their potential in that particular grade level.

We believe that the role of Bridgeport Catholic Academy is to provide the children with a nurturing atmosphere, academic support, and stimulating opportunities which assist them in their lifelong commitment to education.